• Okra Origins Accessibility Statement


    October 2023


    Okra Origins has an ongoing commitment to doing everything it can to maximize the quality of experience for all customers. To do so, Okra Origins is committed to offering a quality online experience to everyone, regardless of disability, and is dedicated to ensuring this experience is full and equal for all customers.


    Those operating and updating the website are all being provided with the necessary changes to uphold this commitment. Furthermore, our website will continue to be iterated on and assessed in perpetuity so as to optimize this user experience.


    Please know that our efforts are ongoing. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, feel free to contact us at hello@okraorigins.com, and be sure to specify the URL to which your question, feedback, or concern pertains. We will make every reasonable effort to address any concerns.


    Thank you,

    Okra Origins